About Cabinet Óseo

At Cabinet Óseo, sculptor Celina Saubidet and designer Marina Molinelli Wells join forces to honor the body, rematerialize it and transform it into jewelry - armor, large format sculptures and installations.

Both being the daughters of physicians, the connection of childhood and the world of anatomy returns playfully in their work expressing the maturity of the artists.

Each jewel is a sculptural piece to be exposed and each sculpture could be seen as a great jewel. Work and body as a whole.

Full of meaning, each jewel seems to keep hold of the spirit like a secret that has not been stashed away, a secret that has spilled out, expanded and spread throughout matter. 

Ornaments as protective shields, inspired by nature, to make up this collection of unique pieces and series.

The artists investigate the human anatomy and Nature to make the invisible visible. Bones, organs, skin and fluids take shape in noble materials, irresistible to the touch, soft and with shine, forming strong pieces that, paradoxically, crystallize the fragility of the ephemeral.